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Steel City Hauling provides efficient and affordable waste removal solutions for residential and commercial clients in the greater Pittsburgh area. We make it easy for you to dispose of your unwanted materials for your next project.


Aaron Shefler

Aaron was born and raised in East Liberty and is a lifelong resident of The Steel City. His roots in Pittsburgh run deep, shaping his character and fueling his passion for excellence. Following his graduation from Taylor Allderdice High School, Aaron embarked on his academic journey at Duquesne University, where he excelled in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

As the leader of Steel City Hauling, Aaron orchestrates the day-to-day operations alongside his team. His unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service ensures that every customer receives top-notch treatment from start to finish. Aaron's precision and dedication to his company and clients reinforce the stellar reputation that has established Steel City Hauling as an industry powerhouse.

Beyond his role at Steel City Hauling, Aaron is also the owner and operator of Certified Fleet Services LLC and Disabled but Able Trucking, Inc. These ventures expand his reach into the Oil & Gas industry, where he provides hauling services within the sector.


Joe Colondrea

Founder Aaron Shefler
Co-founder Joe Colondrea

Joe, a native of Braddock, has called The Steel City home since day one. Following his graduation from Woodland Hills High School, Joe got involved in the construction industry, establishing a broad network of contractors, roofers, and clients. This experience laid the groundwork for the founding of Three Rivers Gutter Company. Recognizing a demand for efficient material disposal, Joe collaborated with his childhood friend Aaron Shefler, birthing the concept of Steel City Hauling.

Joe plays a pivotal role in nurturing client relationships, pinpointing their needs, and resolving any concerns they may have. He actively fosters partnerships with key industry players, such as contractors, construction firms, and waste management entities, to drive mutual business expansion and enhance customer satisfaction. Joe is committed to propelling business growth, fostering a culture of excellence, and consistently delivering exceptional value to Steel City Hauling's clientele.




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